Celebrity Beyond
Celebrity Beyond

Grateful for the opportunity to spend 48 hours aboard the newest addition to Celebrity Cruises, the Celebrity Beyond, my desire for a return voyage is already taking root. As a seasoned Royal Caribbean cruiser, this marked my inaugural venture into the world of Celebrity Cruises, a sister brand.

My preconceived notion of Celebrity’s identity, centered around a refined, adult-oriented cruise experience with a focus on exotic destinations, was pleasantly challenged by the unique allure of Celebrity Beyond. It stands out as a destination in itself, captivating those fortunate enough to embark on its voyages.

Exuding opulence, Celebrity Beyond has made an indelible mark on the cruising industry through its meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled service. Crafted to offer guests the freedom to prioritize wellness while still relishing the opportunity to relax and explore novel experiences on board.

While a mere 48 hours may not suffice for a comprehensive immersion in the Celebrity Beyond experience, this avant-garde and contemporary cruise ship has proven to be unlike any other. It radiates beauty and warmth at every turn, showcasing itself as a marvel in both engineering and design, with expansive open spaces and thoughtful touches contributing to its overall appeal.

As a first-time Celebrity cruiser, I departed the ship yearning for more time to explore all that the stunning Celebrity Beyond has to offer. Here are 10 compelling reasons fueling my anticipation for a return and why I’m already in the midst of planning my next cruise on Celebrity Beyond:

1 – Unparalleled Design and Meticulous Attention to Detail:

Celebrity Beyond’s beauty distinguishes it from other cruise ships, with a curated atmosphere created by world-class designers and artists. The ship’s artistry is evident in every corner, from the Oceanview Cafe to the Grand Atrium, showcasing meticulous attention to detail.

2 – Dazzling Entertainment:

The ship’s award-winning entertainment, amplified on Celebrity Beyond, promises a diverse array of experiences, from innovative technology to a redesigned state-of-the-art theatre and new venues like the Speakeasy.

3 – Seemingly Infinite Dining Choices:

With 32 dining and beverage venues, Celebrity Beyond offers a culinary adventure. From main dining rooms to specialty restaurants like Le Petit Chef, the ship’s international cuisine options shine, providing a gastronomic experience unlike any other.

4- The Solarium and Resort Deck are Luxurious and Spacious:

The Resort Deck, replacing the classic ‘pool deck,’ boasts an outward-facing design, an asymmetrical pool deck, and the adults-only Solarium with a covered pool. The outdoor spaces, including the Rooftop Garden, contribute to the ship’s overall luxurious feel.

5 – Myriad of Craft Cocktails & Martinis:

Each bar onboard offers a unique ambiance and cocktail menu. From the Martini Bar in the Grand Atrium to the Sunset Bar and Magic Carpet, Celebrity Beyond provides a variety of craft cocktails and martinis to suit every taste.

6 – Exciting Itineraries:

Celebrity Beyond’s itineraries feature exotic and unique destinations, differentiating itself from sister-brand Royal Caribbean. While the ship itself is a destination, the prospect of exploring places like India, Peru, Dubai, and Antarctica adds another layer of excitement.

7 – The Retreat is a Luxurious Resort-Within-a-Resort:

The Retreat, the largest suite area on any Celebrity cruise ship, offers an exclusive experience with private butlers, unlimited premium drinks, a private lounge, a two-story sundeck, a private pool, and an exclusive dining venue.

8 – Captain Kate is the Heart and Soul of Celebrity Beyond:

Captain Kate, Celebrity Cruises’ iconic captain, embodies the spirit of Celebrity Beyond. Her leadership, charisma, and historical significance as the first female captain from North America add a unique and inspiring dimension to the cruise experience.

9 – Trendy Adult-Centric Onboard Experience:

Designed for adults, Celebrity Beyond offers a sophisticated and elevated experience without traditional family-friendly features. From uncensored music to refined dining choices, the ship caters to a more mature audience.

10 – Personalized and Attentive Service:

Although our brief sailing limited our interaction with the crew, the anticipation is high for the personalized and attentive service expected on a more extended Celebrity Beyond cruise, given the ship’s overall quality and attention to detail.

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