The Address Dubai Mall
The Address Dubai Mall

Welcome to The Address Dubai Mall, one of the prestigious 5-star establishments from The Address hotel group, exclusively located in Dubai. Ideally situated in the heart of Dubai, at the foot of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, this hotel features 244 rooms, suites, and residential apartments for those looking for an extended stay in this fascinating city. Elegant, modern, luxurious, and extraordinary, this hotel truly reflects the spirit of a city that shines throughout the Middle East and internationally. I had the privilege of staying here as part of the #DubaiBlogTrip organized by the Visit Dubai tourism office and the GroupExpression agency, in conjunction with the Art Dubai and Design Days Dubai festivals.

The Room

I didn’t just stay in a regular hotel room; I had a 70 sqm apartment all to myself! What a surprise when I entered my room (number 2607) and realized the size of this living space! The kitchen was fully equipped with a fridge, a washing machine, an oven… everything to make it feel like home! The bedroom was also very spacious, and for once, I could sleep right in the middle of the king-size bed—pure bliss (usually, Thibault takes up all the space…)

Room of The Address Dubai Mall
Room of The Address Dubai Mall

The service was excellent, everything was very clean and well-organized. I particularly appreciated two thoughtful touches: every evening, there was a box of chocolates on my bedside table, my little guilty pleasure! The second surprise was finding an imposing floral arrangement on my living room table. Did Thibault arrange for flowers to be delivered to me? Mystery…

Let’s talk about the view! From my balcony, I often gazed at this view, trying to count the number of buildings under construction—there were too many! I’m sure that if I return in 5 or 10 years, there will be buildings as far as the eye can see…

The building you can see is The Address Downtown hotel, where the other girls were staying. Below is the Dubai Mall.


The best moment of the day! I was more than delighted with this breakfast; I appreciated the variety and was able to try three different options. To my great pleasure, there were waffles!!! (I don’t know about you, but for me, a hotel that offers waffles and pancakes in the morning gets a +1 to its overall rating, yes just for waffles!)

breakfast at The Address Dubai Mall
breakfast at The Address Dubai Mall

I have a confession to make; do you know how long it takes a blogger to have breakfast? 30 minutes: 10 minutes to take pictures of the buffet + 10 minutes to set up the table and take a beautiful photo for Instagram + 2 minutes to share the photo + 8 minutes to enjoy those delicious waffles 😉

The Spa

We all had the opportunity to test the Spa at our hotels, and with my “partner in crime” Julie, also known as Mlle Mag, we each enjoyed a 30-minute massage. The Spa is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel, and on the same floor, you’ll find a hair salon, a 24-hour fitness room, an outdoor pool with sun loungers, and the Cabana restaurant.

The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall
The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall

Back to the Spa; our hostess invites us to change in the very spacious and comfortable changing rooms and then don the total look: robe/slippers/disposable underwear. We then settle into the relaxation room and take the opportunity to have tea, eat dried fruits, and relax on our ultra-comfortable mattresses. I love these moments of relaxation with the girls over a little snack!

Time for the treatment; I choose a half-hour back massage because, as a nurse, I often have to lift my patients and have some tension in my back. My masseuse immediately felt the knots and was super effective! I felt relieved and a bit exhausted! We enjoyed the relaxation room one last time, which truly invites complete decompression—a moment of well-being and calm that contrasts with the dynamic pace of our express stay in Dubai.

The Cabana Restaurant

After our little relaxation session, we are ready to start the evening! We head to the poolside where the Cabana restaurant is located. For this evening, I had dinner tête-à-tête with Julie, while the other girls dined at their respective hotels.

Our table was set by the pool with a breathtaking view of the Burj Khalifa, in a lounge ambiance provided by a Russian DJ at the turntables. I didn’t expect to experience such a cozy atmosphere in Dubai!

The Cabana Restaurant at The Address Dubai Mall
The Cabana Restaurant at The Address Dubai Mall

The dinner we were served was excellent but very generous! We opted for a plate with various fish, and it was delicious! And for dessert, a beautiful fruit salad! YUM!

A little tip, every day from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM is Happy Hour! I can very well imagine coming back here with Thibault, sipping a cocktail by the pool, enjoying the sunset over the Burj Khalifa, and reminiscing about this #DubaiBlogTrip! (Nostalgic? Oh yes!).

More information about The Address Dubai Mall hotel

  • Rate: Starting from $247 per night
  • Free Wi-Fi / Spa / Hair Salon / Fitness Center / Kids Club / Outdoor Pool / Direct access to the Mall / Lounge Bar / Friday Brunch
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